Ashlee Casey, Senior Engineer, Sacramento Water Forum

Water Forum Staff

Ashlee Casey

Educational background

Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, University of Portland (Oregon) and a Master’s in Environmental Engineering, Michigan Technological University

Professional experience

Leading and supporting water resources planning projects in California, including drought planning, flood management, and feasibility level analysis.

Favorite work-related project so far 

I served in the Peace Corps in Suriname and was a liaison for UNICEF during my second year. The program I supported was aimed at improving the health in remote villages through awareness and training related to water and sanitation issues, and required significant coordination and facilitation with partner organizations, technical staff, and the people living in the villages. Through the process I learned a tremendous amount about myself and how to navigate complicated dynamics within relationships while also advancing conversations around technical concepts.

History with the Water Forum

Joined as staff in November 2021.

Why it is important to be involved in the Water Forum

As a Sacramento resident and a parent with young children, the threats to our region posed by climate change can be overwhelming and daunting. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to support the efforts of working toward regional water supply reliability while simultaneously protecting the lower American River.

Most valuable lesson learned (or advice) when it comes to coming to agreement

Listen and keep an open mind.

What’s unique about the American River region

There are not many cities in the world with a resource like the American River Parkway. The scale and level of community commitment to the protection and preservation of the Parkway, for both environmental and recreational purposes, is so special. The parkway offers a needed reprieve for humans and wildlife alike in an otherwise very urban area.

Favorite location and/or activity on the lower American River

Running the horse trails is my most frequent activity, but canoeing sections of the river with my family is probably my favorite.

Secret talent

Using random ingredients to make dinner in 30 minutes or less.

Personal motto

This one is hard. I guess I have a few that I remind myself of to help keep me centered… “All you can do is your best” and “Everything is temporary and change is constant.”