Get to know a few of the engineers making a difference in the Water Forum

February 20-26 marks National Engineers Week—a time to celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world. Here at the Water Forum, engineers are found in every caucus and on the Water Forum team. In honor of this special week, we are proud to profile a few of the engineers who, indeed, are making a difference at the Water Forum, in their organizations and our community.

Click on each name below to learn more about that person’s educational background, professional experience, Water Forum involvement—and even their secret talent and what they love about the lower American River. #WeLoveOurRiver

And… THANK YOU to all of the wonderful engineers who were brave enough to participate in this project and answer our questions!

Kerry Schmitz

Water Caucus member Kerry Schmitz
Water Supply Division Chief with Sacramento County Water Agency, holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and started working with the Water Forum in 2009. Find out why she specifically asked to be assigned to the Water Forum and why she “can’t get away from water”—even in her personal life.

Clyde Macdonald

Environmental Caucus member Clyde Macdonald
represents the Save the American River Association in the Water Forum. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and an MBA. You may know that Clyde worked virtually all of his career in the California legislature in various capacities, including serving as the lead staff person in the Assembly on the six years of Peripheral Canal legislation. But, do you know his secret talent?

Holger Fuerst

Business Caucus member Holger Fuerst
is Engineering Manager with MacKay & Somps Civil Engineers and represents the Building Industry Association in the Water Forum. He holds two bachelor degrees in Civil Engineering and Engineering Management. Learn about his salmon snorkeling adventures in the lower American River and his stint on the German National basketball team.

Ashlee Casey

Ashlee Casey is a Senior Engineer at the Water Forum
She holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and master’s in Environmental Engineering. Her years in the Peace Corps in Suriname taught her “how to navigate complicated dynamics within relationships while also advancing conversations around technical concepts”—so ideal for the work of the Water Forum! Learn more about Ashlee, including her secret talent (Iron Chef anyone?).

Gary Bardini

Public Caucus member Gary Bardini
Director of Planning for the Sacramento Flood Control Agency, holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. His 35+ year career has been dedicated to integrated water management—from his many years of public service at DWR to SAFCA today. Learn about his favorite work-related project so far (hint: it has to do with flood safety) and his favorite activity on the lower American River.