Business Strategy 2022-2030

Guiding the Water Forum’s ongoing work through 2023.

Now Available: Water Forum Business Strategy Annual Review 2022-23: Celebrating Milestones and Collective Progress

On July 28, 2022, Water Forum members confirmed the Business Strategy (2022-2030), which describes priorities and provides an overall guide for the organization’s operations through the end of the original Water Forum Agreement in 2030.
The strategy discusses how the Water Forum will implement core programs for habitat management, flows and operations, science and monitoring, communications, and administration of the Water Forum Successor Effort amid ongoing negotiations to renew the original Water Forum Agreement.

Representatives from each of the Water Forum’s caucuses—water, environment, business and public—shaped, reviewed and provided input on the plan.
The Business Strategy is a living document that is expected to be adjusted on an annual basis. A full report on the status of the business strategy will be released in July 2023, after one year of implementation, and to coincide with the completion of fiscal year 2022-2023. You can find updates on many of the near-term actions throughout this annual report.

2022-23 Coordinating Committee

Along with the Business Strategy, the Water Forum’s caucuses identified two representatives from each caucus to serve on the Water Forum’s Coordinating Committee. The Water Forum Agreement identifies the Coordinating Committee, which serves to provide advice, feedback, input and approval on Water Forum business efforts, such as the budget, communications strategy and administrative oversight. The Coordinating Committee meets on a monthly basis. and includes:

  • Kerry Schmitz, Sacramento County
  • Anne Sanger, City of Sacramento
  • Tim Murphy, Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange
  • Jim Ray, North State Building Industry Association/MacKay & Somps
  • Ron Stork, Friends of the River
  • Ted Rauh, Environmental Council of Sacramento
  • Gary Bardini, Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency
  • Alex Harold, SMUD