Water Forum Welcomes CivicSpark Fellow Liana Huang

The Water Forum this month is pleased to announce the arrival of our newest CivicSpark Fellow, Liana Huang.

CivicSpark is a Governor’s Initiative AmeriCorps program dedicated to building capacity for nonprofits and local governments to address emerging environmental and social equity challenges. The Water Forum has hosted CivicSpark fellows for several years. It has been a vital program to provide extra hands for special projects while providing early professional experience for recent college graduates.

Portrait of Liana Huang

Liana was raised in downtown Sacramento and in West Sacramento. She recently completed a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, with a concentration in environmental engineering, from UCLA. She also has a minor in GIS technology. She’s interested in forging a career in the field of climate mitigation and adaptation, and hopes her experience with the Water Forum will help focus her professional choices moving forward.

“I am excited to see first-hand how water governance is formed through compromise and science,” Liana says. “I hope to grow my competency with public communications, and simply learn more about the large, complicated world of water resource management.”  

Liana will be with us for a year. Among other duties, she will help with research related to Water Forum 2.0, our work to negotiate an updated Water Forum Agreement wedded to the climate challenges that lie ahead.