Ashlee Casey, PE, Senior Engineer

Ashley Casey

Ashlee Casey, PE, is a water resource engineer with nearly a decade of experience working on California water issues. Over the last nine years, she has contributed her skills in research, analysis, project management, and team facilitation to projects and programs focused on sustainable groundwater management planning; flood infrastructure feasibility studies; urban and agricultural water resources planning and management; and drought contingency planning.

Ashlee joined the Water Forum in November 2021 in a new position that is responsible for analyzing the reliability of regional surface water and groundwater resources; managing and providing scientific support for the Water Forum’s Flow Management Standard on the Lower American River; and other related tasks.

Ashlee holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Portland and a master’s in Environmental Engineering from Michigan Technological University. She served in the Peace Corps in Suriname in South America from 2009-2011, and was also a member of the Water Education Foundation’s 2018 Water Leaders cohort.