Our Team

Jessica Law


Jessica Law

With more than 15 years of water and environmental resource management experience, Jessica Law is passionate about building long-term solutions to California’s complex natural resource challenges.

Erica Bishop


Erica Bishop

Over the last 19 years, Erica Bishop has used her interdisciplinary background in water shed science, natural resource management, and policy development to bridge the gap between experts, agencies, and stakeholders coexisting inCalifornia’s complex resource environment.

Ashley Casey

Senior Engineer

Ashley Casey, PE

Ashlee Casey is a water resource engineer with nearly a decade of experience working on California water issues.

Ana Ayala


Ana Ayala

As Senior Staff Assistant, Ana Ayala is essential to making sure the Water Forum’s operations runs smoothly.

Civic spark fellow

Liana Huang

Liana Huang is the Water Forum’s Civic Spark Fellow for 2022-23.