20th Anniversary Artwork

Mural Celebrates the Lower American River

The Water Forum commissioned artist Stephanie Taylor to create an original painting for its 20th anniversary. Stephane is a longtime Sacramento resident whose work has appeared in 40 publicly placed mural and sculpture projects in the Sacramento region.

Stephanie’s piece, The Lower American River, celebrates the beauty and wonder of the river as our unique and cherished civic amenity and the only nationally designated “Wild and Scenic” river running through a major metropolitan area.

This beautiful artwork will be displayed as a mural at the Sacramento County Administration Building at 700 H Street in downtown Sacramento as a long-lasting tribute to the Water Forum and our region’s collaboration and work toward reaching the co-equal objectives of providing a reliable and safe water supply for the Sacramento region’s long-term growth and economic health; and preserving the fishery, wildlife, recreational, and aesthetic values of the lower American River.

The Water Forum thanks the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, and in particular Supervisor Patrick Kennedy, for their support of the Water Forum and this beautiful display of public art. The mural is made possible through Supervisor Kennedy’s advocacy and stewardship of this project, and the generous support of sponsors: Sacramento County Water Agency, City of Sacramento Department of Utilities, San Juan Water District, SMUD and the Sacramento Association of Realtors.

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Putting together the puzzle

Work in progress