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Posted on Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Local Cub Scouts Spend an Afternoon at Cordova Creek

Local cub scouts and CivicSpark Fellows Cassie and Kat gather to learn about the history of the Cordova Creek Naturalization Project


December 10, 2017:

On an unseasonably warm December afternoon, 13 Cub Scouts and their

Cub scouts excitedly gather to admire Cordova Creek

families joined the CivicSpark Fellows (Water Forum) and Mary Maret (Sacramento County Regional Parks) for an afternoon of service and hiking along Cordova Creek, our recent restoration site in Rancho Cordova. Prior to the restoration project, Cordova Creek was nothing more than a concrete-lined storm drainage running through an abandoned agricultural field. The Water Forum and many partners (including Sacramento County Regional Parks, Soil Born Farms, and others) worked together to remove the concrete-lined storm drain and modify it to mirror a naturalized, meandering creek with CA native plants growing along and adjacent to the creek.


The scouts, all aged between 6-7 years old, spent the first half hour of their visit learning about the history

The scouts gather around Mary to learn how to plant acorns

of Cordova Creek, different aspects of riverine ecosystems, and the value of conservation and restoration. Then the group walked along the creek and discussed the importance of planting native vs. non-native plants. As soon as they reached the midway point of Cordova Creek, the scouts excitedly raced to the water’s edge and admired the creek.


After the fellows regained the scouts’ attention, the scouts were separated into two groups to begin their service work! Half the group planted acorn with Mary Maret and CivicSpark Fellow Kat Perkins. The remaining scouts and their families followed Cassie and worked together to remove the metal pins securing the irrigation lines in place that had begun to pinch and cause leaks in the water hoses. After an hour, the groups switched places so that everyone could experience each service event.


Both projects required teamwork and patience, and their successful efforts resulted in the planting of 48 acorns and the removal of 354 irrigation pins! We appreciate all the scouts’ hard work and look forward to seeing them again next year!

The cub scouts and CivicSpark Fellow Cassie gather near Cordova Creek for an end of the day group picture

PostedThursday, February 8th, 2018